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Benedict Roff-Marsh – Tarot I – The Fool’s Journey


Benedict Roff-Marsh recently released the album “Tarot I – The Fool’s Journey”. “This album is an idea that has been with me for almost the whole 30 years I have been composing,” says Benedict. “I did make an album based around the Tree Of Life back in 2000 but it never felt like the right time to do the cards. Until it did. After “Isabel of Grey Abbey“, the Tarot album seemed just right.

“Musically I had to work out how to handle the material,” continues Benedict. “There is a lot to it: 78 cards, each a world in itself. The obvious place to start is the Major Arcana – the “big” cards that are a story-cycle in themselves. I was tempted to try to approach the pieces with minor cards too but this time it didn’t seem right. This is why the album is titled Tarot I. The Fool’s Journey is a common term applied to the Tarot cards when laid in order. While it is tempting to see the characters and events that we meet in each “window” to be external, some say “we meet The Magician”, in each case the people and events are very much The Fool as he progresses on his journey.”

“Most of the tracks represent 3 cards and how the story flows from one to another. Each card generally is assigned 2 minutes of direct “screen time”. The video helps you to get the associations if you rather be shown them.
Stylistically, I wanted this to be very much my own thing: a Prog Rock of Benedict. You will find moments with leanings to Metal, Goth, and Film Soundtrack but overall it is just Benedict.”
To learn more about this album, visit benedictroffmarsh.com