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Beyond Karma – The Gyuto Monks


beyond-karma-gyuto-monksBeyond Karma by The Gyuto Monks is a rare mix of sacred sound from different cultures melding into a unique journey into emptiness: the sound of purity itself.

In this album, the Gyuto Monks are joined by Australia’s finest sacred music duo, Kim Cunio and Heather Lee, weaving the sonorous chant of the Gyuto monastery with traditional and newly composed music from Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The sound of the monks chanting in our modest gompa has been described as the ‘voice of the angels’ in that the aim in building the great cathedrals of the world was to capture the resonant ‘other’ sound that seems to come with the purity of the chanting. Whatever it is, the recordings have been described as equal to the best attainable in a studio or concert hall. We have composer, musician, recording technician and all round genius to thank in Kim Cunio who has brought to life this collaboration between the monks, himself and soprano Heather Lee in a spine tingling album of sacred music honouring many different belief systems.

Beyond Karma is made available via US record label New Earth Records, the company responsible for the earlier recording of the Gyuto Monks ‘Pure Sounds’ album which was nominated for a Grammy in 2010. They have been the most efficient, effective and all in delightful business to work with and we are grateful to them for their integrity and lightness of heart in creating this opportunity to bring the album to the world.

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