Bill Freas – Waterworks EP


Award-winning, Philadelphia-based composer-performer Bill Freas follows up his 2022 Global Music Awards-winning New Age album, Yellowstone Lake, and his highly eclectic, radio-favorite experimental LP, Extraordinarily Transcendent Tuesdays of the Electric Glowworm, with a trio of relaxing and inspiring ballads centered around the theme of water.

An atmospheric and meditative EP, Waterworks showcases the poignant mysteries of the rain, on Shadows in the Rain; the glorious majesty of the ocean, on Pacific Hymn; and the spiritual transcendence of flowing waterways, on Sacred Stream.

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Featured in Freas’ last two albums, his top-tier collective of studio musicians, known as the Cottage City Symphony Orchestra, is back to contribute more of their elite skill and artistry to this new musical offering. Recorded in the summer of 2022 under the Crazy Owl Entertainment label, and released internationally on August 12, 2022 by distributor Modern Classical X (MCX).

An accomplished Philadelphia-based composer, arranger, producer, and performer, Bill Freas (ASCAP) has contributed his musical talents to numerous projects and artists, live and in the studio, across many genres since the mid-1990s. Along with garnering several prestigious music awards and titles, Bill studied intensive music theory and composition under esteemed, world-class composer/conductor David Osbon at West Chester University in eastern Pennsylvania. His musical work for film and television runs perfectly parallel to his work as a writer, producer, actor, and director in those same mediums. Alongside his busy music-production company, Crazy Owl Entertainment, Bill also owns and operates its prosperous sister company, Crazy Owl Films, a film/TV production firm.’

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