BODHI – Deep Dream


BODHI’s new album is called “Deep Dream”. It is recorded in the 432 Hz tuning system and subtly infused with a binaural beat of 4 Hz (at the crossroads of Theta and Delta brain-wave states). 

BODHI has been working with sound meditation, sound healing and sacred sound journeys for over 40 years. He has studied with Tito La Rosa, Paul Horn, Allaudin Mathieu and many other artists.

With a deep love of nature and many years of experience as a wilderness guide, playing his flute in the forest, BODHI developed his own, unique style of improvisation within the healing music modalities. BODHI flute album “Trans Ukraine” was the #1 Ambient Album of the year for 2006 on the ZMR awards. He has over 20 original CDs in his portfolio. His most recent releases are “Simple” (2020)and “Soundscape Oasis” (2020)

“Deep Dream” is available on Bandcamp:

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“Deep Dream” is now playing on New Age Stars radio!