Captain Shook – The Forest Calm


The Forest Calm by Captain Shook is a minimalist New Age music journey which pays tribute to the grand and wonderful atmospheres found in our forests. Exploring the power of space and distance, these seven simple songs offer the peace and relaxation one might find while walking among the woodlands.

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Captain Shook aka Jason Shook has long been an active member in various circles of the ambient and new age genres. Most well known for his works as Guild Of Lore he continues to explore different realms of ambient and fantasy. The Forest Calm sees a much more personal side of Shook, giving a rare glimpse into the artists world.

BT Fasmer’s comment: “At first glance, The Forest Calm might seem like just another synth based meditation release – but suddenly you’ll pick up on Captain Shook’s storytelling and will see that each piece offers a unique forest landscape to explore. It is a special kind of calm you want to experience, again and again.”