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Cathy Oakes – A Heritage of Faith


“A Heritage of Faith” is Cathy Oakes follow up recording to last year’s release “On the Other Side”. A composer and pianist who has worked in music ministry for over 20 years, she has put together a New Age collection of her most favorite hymns, layered above the warm orchestrated synth pads of strings and angelic voices created by Doug Hammer.

Press release by Higher Level Media

Cathy Oakes’ delicate and elegant style will bring beauty, relaxation, love, and comfort to each listener.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Cathy’s precious grandmother, Lucy Shingleton Conner. When she was a child, Lucy would comfort little Cathy by rocking her and singing to her the hymns of the church. Cathy has continued to love these hymns her entire life and still finds them to be a source of comfort and strength.

“Thank you, Granny, for my Heritage of Faith”~ Cathy Oakes.

The album is available on CD Baby.