Cathy Oakes – On the Other Side


After a five year hiatus, Cathy Oakes is back with her reflections on life with “On the Other Side”. 17 stories of joy and sorrow comprise her album of piano compositions which include additional instrumentation, and are all reflections on emotional occurrences that happen as we are just going about our everyday life.

“From this Day” was inspired when Cathy’s eldest son married, and “Kessia’s Waltz” and “Sienna’s Dream” were born after Cathy became a grandmother to two beautiful girls. Most teenage girls only dream of becoming a princess, but Cathy’s daughter followed that dream and actually became a Disney princess, hence “Flight of the Princess”.

“Beloved Promise” is an ode to her second son who has been a constant amongst life’s chaos. It can bring both happiness but also much sadness, and is expressed through “On the Other Side” after Cathy’s mother passed, the loss of friends and relatives babies in “Lullaby from Afar”, and losing close friends and relatives with “Home with Annie” and “Remnant Tears”.

The title track comes from a conversation Oakes had with her mother while in hospice. Cathy said, “Mamma when I get to heaven – other than Jesus, yours is the first face I want to see.” She patted my cheek and said, “Don’t worry baby. I’ll see you on the other side.” Through all that life has to offer – the good and the bad, my faith sustains me. It is my hope, my joy, my peace, and my comfort. And one day, I know I will see my mom On the Other Side.

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