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Cecilie – Fearless


EverSound presents “Fearless”, the debut album by Norwegian singer/songwriter Cecilie.

Cecilie titled her debut album “Fearless” because she wants to encourage people everywhere to “be true to themselves and not let their fears hold them back. It’s about releasing, letting go of whatever is holding you back, being present and alive, and listening to the world around you until you find your own personal direction.”

You may purchase the CD on the EverSound homepage.

The download is available here.

About Cecilie

Cecilie (pronounced sih-seal-yeh) has a gentle, vulnerable, new age style that includes elements of pop, folk and Celtic music. She sings with an angelic voice and heart-breaking honesty about love, relationships, inner feelings and personal tales of the trials and tribulations of life. She is backed by top Norwegian musicians on piano, guitars, key harp, violin, viola, mandolin, bass and drums. The music is arranged and produced by John Inge Knudsen (with Cecilie co-producing five of the 11 tracks).

Cecilie comes out of a background of singing in choirs all her life and performing theatrical musical plays.

“I believe most people would be happier with their lives if they would listen to their heart, let it give them direction and then do what it tells you…..fearlessly,” states Cecilie. “That’s why I called my album Fearless, because it is the most fearless thing I’ve ever done. Fear is such a big thing in our world. We are mostly fear-driven. The entire modern world often makes decisions colored by fear. Entire nations make the decision to go to war and individuals worry about other’s perception of them, how to fit in, what to do if a particular course doesn’t work out for them or they fail, or if they are good enough. Some fears are real and legit. I’m not disregarding fear itself or its function to help us survive, but a lot of times we are controlled by fears that do us no good, and that keep us away from our dreams and our true purpose. It is healing in working through our fear and not letting it control us. Sometimes music can serve as a beacon, a light in the darkness, and offer ideas to listeners. We all need inspiration to open ourselves to new possibilities for our lives.”

More information on Cecilie is available at her website (www.ceciliemusic.no).

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