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Corciolli – Imaginary Brazil


IMAGINARY BRAZIL is the new album of the Brazilian composer and keyboardist Corciolli. This is the 33rd album of his career. It features 10 original compositions written for piano, violin, and cello, complemented by orchestral arrangements, percussion and synthesizers.

Inspired by the Brazilian imaginarium, Corciolli dialogues within a creative environment where influences from European classical music, African rhythms and indigenous sounds, interact in communion, resulting in a crossover that, in its essence, portrays the miscegenation so present in Brazilian culture.

The album features the performances of Pablo de León on violin and Raïff Dantas Barreto on cello (spalla and 1st cello of the São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra, respectively) as guest soloists, with contributions from soprano Rose de Souza, percussionists Kabé Pinheiro and Salaberry, acoustic guitarist Camilo Carrara and singer Patricia Bastos.

IMAGINARY BRAZIL presents themes such as Vila Rica, inspired by the life and work of Aleijadinho (“Little Cripple”) – genius of the Latin America baroque; Sonata Cabocla, which describes a day in the life of a “working man” caboclo on the land; Eyes of the Jaguar, music inspired by the secret of fire, which according to an ancient narrative of the Surui people of Rondônia, lived in the eyes of the jaguars, until it was stolen by the Orobab bird. In these imaginary worlds, the artist enters the metaphysical universe, sometimes visiting the silence while glimpsing the loneliness of the human being in Prelúdio Silencioso No. 1, sometimes extolling the saga of the northeastern people, who, while punished in the backlands, live on hope and faith (Into the Backlands);

In Relicarium, the artist was inspired by the “sanctuaries” that we build within ourselves in order to keep personal “relics”: memories, secrets and unfulfilled dreams…

The composer also proposes a reflection that warns of deforestation and Brazilian forest devastation, aggravated by the carelessness of the authorities (in Tears of the Rainforest); In Quilombo he addresses slavery, from overseas on slave ships, to forced labor on the farms of the rich lords; It portrays the arrival of old navigators in the new world, taking lands that do not belong to them, decimating civilizations and nature in a trail of violence and destruction (in Requiem): With Latin lyrics, extracted from the Christian liturgy, the music extols the funeral of that entire world that lived in forgotten times: “Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis” (Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine on them).

The album is available on Amazon.