Curtis Macdonald – Another Beautiful Day


Music can express many emotions, including joy and happiness. Simply by listening to uplifting music, our mood changes to a more contented and joyful state. It is not just wishful thinking, but a scientific fact. Curtis Macdonald’s brand new single Another Beautiful Day is only 2 minutes and 34 seconds long, but it contains a massive dose of raw, unfiltered positivity. In a world where we are bombarded by negative news 24/7, the single provides an instant boost of optimism. Macdonald’s one-of-a-kind melodic brilliance shines bright on Another Beautiful Day!

Curtis Macdonald

Curtis Macdonald is a graduate composer from California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California and has 26 albums in release. In 2013, Curtis Macdonald received Grammy consideration for Best Instrumental Pop Record for the CMMP release When Dreams Come True, and in 2007 received Grammy consideration for Best New Age Record for the EverSound release Everlasting as well as placing in the New Age Reporter Top 100 Recordings. His most recent album is Waiting For An Ordinary Spring (2020).

Another Beautiful Day
The first 18 seconds of Another Beautiful Day are a bit hesitant and dreamy. The listener can sense that something exciting is about to take place. Suddenly the piano cuts through and immediately takes the lead. Here I believe we get the promise that everything is going to be ok and that another beautiful day is waiting just around the corner. At 45 seconds, the tableau is complete; a warm, bright, and upbeat theme washes over us. It is beautiful beyond words. One word: Bravo! But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself:

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A piece like Another Beautiful Day could easily have become overly sweet. Too much happiness is not realistic or interesting in any context. I believe the reason why it works so well is because of that hint of melancholy. It dwells right under the surface – as if emphasizing that happiness and beautiful days are not to be taken for granted.

I very much like the combination of piano and synth keys. It is more expressive than plain piano. The mid-section has a few darker colors. There is a bittersweet element here – but as any chef would say; you need a bit of lemon to make a dish interesting. That is true for Another Beautiful Day too. It is not to last though; The feel-good main theme is soon back. The ending is quite open. If you put it on replay (and mark my word; you will), the ending and beginning fade nicely into each other. I could listen to it all day; What a beautiful day that would be!

In conclusion: What I find most fascinating about Curtis Macdonald’s Another Beautiful Day is how the single greets the listener like an old friend. A bit hesitant at first, then it flows like a conversation between good companions, eager to catch up. It is a wonderful effect that makes the first listen especially meaningful and rich. I found myself instantly adding it to my private all-time favorite playlist.

Macdonald is a master in when it comes to composing New Age music jewels like Another Beautiful Day. The piano, keys, pads, and rhythm are in sum so light and delicate that the listener instantly pays attention. In a loud and noisy world, that is actually a smart move.

Before signing off I will underline that I admire Macdonald for creating music about hope. Too few artists do that. With Waiting for an Ordinary Spring he gave his fans something to daydream about during COVID-19, and now he is here again guiding us through this turbulent time of political unrest and war. There is in my book no better reason for creating music than giving people hope. Kudos to Curtis Macdonald for that!

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