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Dan Blanchard – The Spirit of Christmas


Dan Blanchard and seven guest musicians take the listener down a pathway that is both utterly familiar yet also bracingly new on The Spirit of Christmas as he fuses the much beloved melodies of traditional carols such as “Jingle Bells,” “We Three Kings,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” with a healthy dose of lndian fusion influences.

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Featuring an assortment of instruments from both lndian and Western cultures, The Spirit of Christmas reveals that the musical treats of the noted holiday hold truly universal appeal as Blanchard and company imbue a festive and exotic flavor into the time-tested carols. Occasionally embellished with original arrangements to more fully incorporate the lndian music elements, yet always instantly recognizable, the twelve classics will make a great addition to any holiday music fan’s collection. 

Dan Blanchard displays his talent and versatility on a variety of instruments,  including santoor (lndian hammereddulcimer), harmonium, keyboards, and acoustic guitar. Also playing on the album are Leonice Shinneman (tabla and percussion), Sheela Bringi (bansuri flute), Dave Cipriani (lndianslide guitar and acoustic guitar), Paul Livingstone (sitar), Deepak Ramapriyan (violin), Chris Votek (cello)and Eddie Young (bass). All the players on the album sync up nicely, meshing their Eastern and Western instruments and motifs to bring a new twist to these old classics.

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