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Dan Palladino – Pastoral Memory


“Pastoral Memory” is Dan Palladino’s first soundscape release. It took him six years to complete the album. Dan says: “It began as a quest to record nature sounds. I set up a pair of mics to record the joyful birds singing in my yard one fine August morning, and before I knew it, I’d amassed quite a library of birds, crickets, cicadas, streams, and rainstorms. The calming nature recordings influenced the instrumentation that would follow: swirling synth pads, kalimbas, chimes, wooden flutes, harps, voices and eventually, many layers of hypnotic acoustic and electric guitars.”

About the songs, Dan has this to share:

“Most of the melodies featured on Pastoral Memory began as improvisations, which is my preferred method of working. The soothing electric sitar melody which fades off into the distance to close out “Counting Stars” was one such improvisation, as was the majestic kalimba melody in “Aftermath”. Once I’d discovered these melodies, I created supporting counter melodies and harmonies to complement them. Accidental interplay came bubbling up each time a new layer was added to the mix.”

How to enjoy “Pastoral Memory”
“After many dead ends, and several finished ideas that just didn’t hold up, I arrived at the progression of music you are about to experience. It was only during the final assembly of the album that I began imagining an aural journey through a peaceful summer day. After six years of work, the album had revealed itself to me, and will hopefully reveal itself to you.

Finally, Pastoral Memory is intended to be enjoyed as one long piece. However, for those listeners who may connect with certain sections, I’ve split the album into seven tracks for your convenience.”

“Whether you listen to the individual tracks, or the entire album in one sitting, I hope the music helps you relax, escape, meditate, and maybe even sleep better at night,” concludes Dan.

For more information and samples, see danpalladinomusic.com