Danny Wright – Unwind


Danny Wright has just released his 59th album, “Unwind”. The original release date was scheduled in summer, but it was decided to release the album now to help everyone coping with the effects of the pandemic. 

“I wanted to play soothing, calming music, and the reviews have been phenomenal,” says Danny. “I receive emails from people all over the world thanking me for helping them with my music during these difficult times.”

Here is the album opener, “Time Windows”:

The album includes songs that Danny wrote years ago that he wanted to orchestrate with the piano, while he also includes new pieces written for his latest release.

He also plans to perform more online concerts from his home and is scheduling live performances, when the venues open up, for the future.

Danny is a pianist and composer with a repertoire of classical, contemporary, show tunes, film scores, and Broadway favorites. He has sold over six million albums since his debut in 1986 and has been named twice by Billboard as a Top 10 artist in the new-age music genre, with three of his albums in Billboard’s Top 10 New Age Albums for three consecutive years. Wright emphasizes inspirational music to uplift his audience.

In 2012, the Las Vegas and Fort Worth resident created his independent record label, WH Sound Studio, as well as acquired and re-released his entire Moulin D’or catalog. Other releases include Collage: A Timeless Collection of Medleys, Reflections, Barbra Streisand: A Tribute and Gifts from the Heart: Songs from God.