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Davd Lanz – Water Sign


David Lanz is ready with a new album called “Water Sign”. “Most of my life, I have lived near bodies of water,” says David. “Small lakes, the Great Lakes, streams, canals, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and now the Mediterranean Sea. So with that in mind, I offer the “Water Sign” album, inspired by the sun, the moon, family, romantic love and of course water.”

Water can be gentle and calming, also powerful and exciting in its presence. Life challenging and life-affirming. From the power and magnificence of the sea, to the restless river and the sometimes destructive and emotional nature of flood waters, to the rains return by the sky gods and a lake’s romantic reflections of moonlight.

“I have tried to reflect emotionally and musically in these six pieces, some of water’s many qualities,” concludes David.

See David’s notes on all the pieces on “Water Sign” (scroll down): davidlanz.com

I think that David has delivered a magnificent album with a remarkable flow. It is an early Christmas present for all David Lanz fans (and if you are not currently a fan, this is a great time to become one; David is truly one-of-a-kind!)