Dave Eggar – Dragonfly


Dragonfly is a thematically expansive yet musically intimate collection which, true to the title’s mythological implications, finds Dave Eggar exploring the concepts of metamorphosis, self-realization and the insight of clear vision.

Eggar’s new release is all with an eye towards helping us meet the great challenges of a post pandemic world, rise above the darkness and discover exciting new possibilities. The symbolism of the Dragonfly – brilliantly embodied by the colorful, intricate cover illustration and artwork – made perfect sense as a reflection of a hopeful embrace of a new era.

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Over the past two decades, Dave Eggar’s earned rock star status in pop music world as first- call cellist and string arranger for superstars like Coldplay, Evanescence, John Legend, Lewis Capaldi and Bebe Rexha and Foreigner. Yet for the multi-talented veteran musician, the piano has always been the ultimate place of solace since his childhood days as a classical prodigy.

Even as the four-time Grammy nominee has amassed hundreds of string credits, the piano compositions on his solo albums – from his 1998 debut Serenity to his prodigious latest release Dragonfly – reveal a truer artistry that comes alive in a space where he connects with people more deeply and emotionally.

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