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David Bach – Dewdrops – First Piano Single!


Using his home in Maryland as a home base, David Bach and his band is a mainstay on the jazz festival circuit… But after decades successfully making jazz music, David Bach is releasing a new solo piano recording: “Dewdrops.”

Press release by LAZZ Promotions

This gorgeous song represents a major change for a major artist. Filled with the emotion and passion of his jazz work, David explores the unabashed romanticism that he has only hinted at in his other recordings on this brand-new single. When asked if this is a stylistic change Bach responds: “absolutely not! (Laughs). I think this single represents an expansion of music rather than a wholesale change in direction for me. I loved creating this song and you might hear more solo piano from me in the future!”

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:

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David Bach is one of the top jazz keyboardists/pianists in the United States with a LONG list of awards, accolades and credits from nearly 30 years as a professional musician and bandleader. For example, the David Bach Consort was the winner of the Jazz Discovery Showcase on BET/Viacom which led to millions of people being exposed to David’s exciting music. Over the years, David has recorded and toured the world as a solo artist and a sideman for several major artists including Enrique Eglesias, Thievery Corporation, Fishbelly Black and Everything But the Girl.

You can learn more about David at: http://davidbachmusic.com/