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David Helpling & Heartracer – Living Like a Ghost


David Helpling and Heartracer have joined forces for their new single Living Like a Ghost’ bringing Ambient & Synthwave together in an explosive new anthem for those that have ever felt lost or alone. This collaboration is a first of its kind for both artists and as a result created an entirely new genre of music.

Deeply ambient, spacious, full of shimmering detail and echoing with a heart wrenching vocal performance from Chris Cosby and Kylee Swenson Gordon. The music builds to an explosive second act and punches its way through the top as it liberates with powerful electronic beats, chiming guitars and a full string section. The song was mastered by Grammy-Winning audio pioneer, Emily Lazar and the ethereal music video was filmed and edited by award-winning director, Tim Janssens.

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:
GABB Media writes, ‘Living Like a Ghost’ is a sheen pop anthem that shifts the plates of earths most fragile fault lines. Not your average venture into the pop forum yet it has all the successful elements of an instant classic enveloped by a futuristic shell.

Living Like a Ghost brings music lovers together to knock down the door of genre neurotypes. A composition as deep and expansive as the cliffs of Moher but thunderously as shimmering and poetic as the Godafoss. There is nothing this collaboration couldn’t achieve and it does so with such strength and grace.

For more information and music samples, visit davidhelpling.com and playheartracer.com.

Press release by GABB