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David J . Peña – Thinking of You


David J . Peña’s new album is called “Thinking of You”. The album does not only create a musical tapestry, but successfully wraps listeners in a carefully woven world of dramatic scenes, vibrant images, and abounding creativity.

Press Release by Higher Level Media

“Thinking of You” features songs composed by David J. Peña and arranged for orchestra by Judah Earl, based entirely upon Peña’s cinematic vision for each piece, “Thinking of You” is a true collaboration. During the composition process, Peña would describe the scene upon which the in-progress song was based before Earl heard the song itself.

In this way, both individuals added their own flair to the music, and had a unified vision for each piece. As Peña describes it, he would create the body of work, and Earl would “breathe life into it” by scoring and arranging the work for orchestra to achieve its full cinematic potential.

The release of “Thinking of You” comes at a perfect time in today’s stressful climate. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and highly meditative, three things all music lovers could use more of during these challenging times.

For more information and music samples, see davidjpena.com