David Joseph Jennings – Faith of a Flower


“Nature is full of beauty, gifts to the human, experienced through the senses. When we see a flower, we experience beauty,” says David Joseph Jennings. His new album is called Faith of a Flower. “The experience of beauty is truly beyond words, but we know it. The best I can describe beauty is the feeling of love, of oneness, the melting away of the illusion of separation.” 

Press release by Higher Level Media

“If we are aware of nature, it is a wonderful teacher. The flower can teach us about faith. Faith in knowing that everything happening is supposed to be as it is. There is nothing here to try and control, and no one here to do it.”

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“The flower blooms and gives us so much in its colors and glorious scents. The flower doesn’t ask much from us, maybe just to be planted and watered. It doesn’t care about being stormed on, or possibly stepped on, or frozen by a late or early frost. It will bloom and then just be. The flower shows amazing faith in just being,” continues Jennings.

Faith of a Flower is music for peace, beauty, and meditation. There are eight movements. Each movement is named after a flower. The lead instrument on this recording is vibraphone, which has a beautiful organic sound. The vibes are integrated into lush virtual sounds to express the beauty of flowers.

For more information and music samples, visit David Joseph Jennings’ homepage.

Faith of a Flower is now playing on New Age Stars Radio.