David Miles Huber – Haida (Raven)


4X Grammy-nominated producer and musician David Miles Huber is ready with a new album called “Haida (Raven)”. The goal of this project is to portray the beauty, majesty and power of the land of the Northwest Territories that stretches from the Puget Sound of Washington State, north to the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia. It’s not about the people of these territories, but about the spiritual power of the land itself, portraying its beauty, grandeur and spiritual energy.

“Haida” is a thematic concept album. Unlike much of modern music that is meant to be consumed as a short-term aperitif, “Haida” is an album that was crafted over three decades. It’s meant to be revisited as a voyage, a reminder that we are connected, not only to each other, but to the land, itself. It is the artist’s greatest hope that this project will make it into your personal “desert island” list of music that you can refer back to and gain repeated inspiration and enjoyment from.

The album is available on Bandcamp: 

Over 30 years in the making: It’s hard to believe, but this project originally began in the late 1980’s, just as DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) were beginning to take hold. The strings on both discs were recorded in a studio direct to ADAT VHS tape! Most of the original tracks were recorded to the Steinberg Nuendo Version 1 DAW at 16/44 (higher sample rates didn’t exist or weren’t in common use at the time). Later, going back to the original MIDI tracks with the original instruments, the tracks were re-recorded at a 24/96 higher-resolution rate.

In fact, the title track makes use of both the original vocal track (DMH was in his 30s at the time) and a later track that was re-recorded 35 years later. The tracks doubled so precisely, that they were both combined to create the final vocal take.

An immersive tour-de-force: DMH is a 4X Grammy-nominated artist. Largely, this is due to his unique style production and mixing style that provides a natural and expansive width over the listening stage, which makes for a more natural and open sound. Additionally, the stereo mix makes use of the latest in Ambisonic technology, which actually places certain sounds behind this listener when listening to the stereo mix over either speakers or headphones. Combine these advanced techniques with his style of surround mixing that places the sounds all around the listener in an involving way … and you get a sound that’s extremely unique, engaging and immersive.

David Miles Huber is a 4X Grammy-nominated producer and musician in the electronic dance and surround-sound genres, whose music has sold over the million mark. His dance performance style is energized and balanced out by lush beats and live acoustic instruments that combine to create a “Zen-meets-Tech Experience”. His latest music and collaborations can be heard at www.davidmileshuber.com.