David Wahler – Blue Rose


Roses are red, violets are. . .wait a moment. Is it possible that roses are blue? No, not in nature, as plants do not have a gene for a blue pigment. But, yes, in music. The new contemporary instrumental album from award-winning artist and composer, David Wahler, is just that. Blue Rose. And every track is “out of this world” beautiful.

In Victorian times, flowers were used as a secret language. Roses, in particular, have powerful symbolic meanings. In Eastern cultures, roses are often associated with the impermanence of life here and the idea of transcendence. A blue rose, as a symbol, represents “the impossible” or mysteries beyond death, since blue roses don’t exist in this world. They can also represent enigma, suspense, and immortality. And the color blue stands for spirituality, wisdom, patience, truth, calmness, and peace.

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Now, to find a blue rose out there in nature would be a miracle to be sure. So, it’s important to note that when David Wahler composed most of the music for the album, Blue Rose, he was battling cancer, and not just for a minute. It was a four-year fight for his life. And it was one he was losing.

By January 2023, the cancer had metastasized to his lungs and David was put in hospice care facing the apparently inevitable end of this lifetime. However, a new drug protocol was discovered along the way and David had a miraculous recovery. He is now in complete remission with no evidence of disease. And, so, we have this gorgeous music from him on Blue Rose, to remind us about the wonders of life and death, hope and optimism, and most of all, miracles.

David Wahler

Blue Rose is 10 tracks, 40 minutes of poignant, melodic music. Every note and nuance is carefully crafted and richly textured with delicate keyboards, soft synth pads, warm cello, violin, harp, strings, and ethereal voice instrumentation. With a relaxed, flowing ambiance, that speaks for the darker, more melancholy pieces as well, the album is expressive, emotionally evocative, and brings with it an inherent sense of love, peace, and calmness that can only come from deep wisdom and acceptance.

At a very young age David knew that music was going to be part of his journey. As a child, he displayed an uncanny ability to pick up and play tunes by ear on piano, something unanticipated by his work-a-day parents. One day, a woman at church noticed David had a natural talent for playing by ear and asked him where he learned to do that. He knows now it wasn’t something he learned, but rather, a gift from Spirit.

Many albums, awards, accolades, and formal studies later, David consistently ranks in the top 10 to 15 New Age artists on SiriusXM’s Spa Channel 68, and Blue Rose is now playing on New Age Stars Radio. David’s music is a gift from Spirit to us all.

For more information and music samples, see davidwahler.com.

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