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David Wright – Stranger Days


‘Stranger Days’ is the brand new double album from the UK’s Symphonic Synth Music artist David Wright. It is an ambitious project containing new material plus reworked versions of a handful of older tracks. At times spacey, eerie, other worldly and ethereal there is still plenty of room for the emotive melodies we all know and love in David Wright’s music, as well as the exploration of some new sonic territories.

‘Stranger Days’ is a kind of retrospective in terms of influences and styles, and includes tracks inspired by Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Neuronium and Kitaro. However, the music remains very much in David Wright’s melodious and thematic style, crossing electronic, new age, space rock and chill-out genres. It also includes music featuring Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, Robert Fox, Carys and other musicians.

‘Stranger Days’ contains music that has originated over the past three decades, offering a broad, diverse and complete spectrum of the many sides to David Wright’s brand of “Electronic Music”. From the deeply reflective tones of his more atmospheric material to the huge, grandiose Vangelis inspired melodies.

The double CD comes with a 12 page booklet, the download version a 22 page booklet.

The album is available at the AD Music shop.

Press release by RS Promotions US