Dean Evenson’s ‘Celestial Meditation’: A Tranquil Journey


Enter a serene and transformative realm where peace and tranquility prevail. Dean Evenson’s much-anticipated solo album Celestial Meditation is an invitation to explore the depths of your own consciousness.

Embark on a cosmic journey through inner and outer space with these soothing silver flute melodies and ethereal soundscapes.

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Atmospheric textures evoke a sense of vastness and calm making it supportive for meditation, yoga, massage, and introspection. Celestial Meditation is the fulfillment of Dean Evenson’s life-long dedication to the power and wonder of musical healing.

Dean Evenson is a musician, composer, producer, and videographer. He has a master’s degree in Molecular Biology. He worked in Manhattan as a recording engineer for Regent Sound with many Atlantic recording artists, including Eric Clapton, Mose Allison, Roberta Flack. In 1970, he and his wife, Dudley Evenson, became involved in the portable video movement. In 1979, they founded the independent record company Soundings of the Planet in Tucson, Arizona.

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