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Deep Forest – Evo Devo Now Out



Deep Forest’s new album “Evo Devo” has now been released, both as a digital download, CD and as a 12″ double vinyl. When listening to the release, it is easy to hear that Deep Forest’s patented ethnic style is still intact.  Thankfully.

The album’s Pledgemusic.com page has, for some reason, not been updated for the 10 June release. Here the album is still in pre-order state. The album was 102 % funded by fans this spring. We are also unsure if Musicglue, Deep Forest’s partner, has started sending out the vinyl and CD records.

But what is certain, is that “Evo Devo” is available for purchase and streaming here.

Eric Mouquet belongs to the few unique pioneers of electronic music. His highly recognizable sounds defined the concept of world music and shaped the all-new sound of ethnic-electronica. Deep Forest’s latest releases include “Deep Brasil”, “Deep Africa” and “Deep India” where Eric Mouquet explores the unique musical expressions of some exciting cultures.

On “Evo Devo” Eric Mouquet has gone even further – and nevertheless simultaneously back to the “bohemian feel” of his early works. His tonal craftsmanship has developed into an own artistic language. Every track explores a distinct emotion. You can almost feel and follow Eric’s inner motivations and share his musical journey to the frontiers of contemporary electronic music and beyond.

“Composing a new album is always something special and quite a magical process. I compose and experiment in the studio for months, crafting sounds, taking notes, exploring new machines, playing, improvising and finally letting the music evolve without any pre-conceived idea. One day without any special reason, everything starts to make sense, the different ideas gather in a logical form and there it is: the finished, brand-new album.

When I started this one, I did not imagine, that the music finally could lead me to all these songs. Step by step I realized how this album was related to the Boheme-Deep-Forest-Feel and at the same time was so deeply anchored in the up-to-date electronic music scene. Deep Forest is in constant evolution, persistently digging, exploring the roots of the past albums to arrange and develop new sounds and musical adventures.”

“The concept of Evo-Devo, which is based on studies of the process of evolution and the ability of nature to create new forms and structures, is part of my musical approach,” says Eric.