Deepak Chopra & Paul Avgerinos – Seven Spiritual Laws


Round Sky Music, the private label of Paul Avgerinos, announces the release of “Musical Meditations on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, featuring Deepak Chopra.

On the 25th anniversary of Deepak Chopra’s 1994 New Age classic NY Times bestseller, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Round Sky Music celebrates this milestone with Grammy® winners Paul Avgerinos and Kabir Sehgal, by offering these Musical Meditations on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

About the 1994 New Age classic, Midwest Book Review says: “Chopra’s teachings are distilled into seven simple principles which can be applied to all elements of personal life to evoke success. The basic idea is that personal understanding and harmony promote fulfilling relationships and material abundance without extra effort: chapters tell how to achieve it.”

The album is available on Spotify:

In “Musical Meditations on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, there is a summation of the essential meaning of each law, followed by a meditation on the essence of that law with guidance on integrating this wisdom into your life and being. Newcomers to this material will find an accessible path to understanding and for those familiar with the material, it’s a pleasant refresher course. There is also a bonus Mindfulness meditation included.

Deepak, Paul and Kabir hope that these Musical Meditations will help to bring the listeners closer to the realization of their True Self, which is surely the greatest success of all.

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