Denise Young – Winds Of Change


“Winds of Change” by Denise Young is a collection of diverse original instrumental music with hints of Classical, Irish, Celtic, and Spanish influences. It is a wonderfully eclectic, masterfully written, and expertly performed album.

Denise Young is an independent artist, composer, producer, arranger, and music publisher on her record label Dancing Horses Music. She lives in Southern California. “Winds of Change” is her 4th studio album.

Enjoy the title track:

Denise grew up in the suburbs just outside St. Louis, Missouri. Playing by ear at age 4 and beginning formal lessons at age five, she started composing original music in her early teens. Denise holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy (a double major in music and psychology), and a Master of Arts degree.

After graduating and completing her internship, Denise worked as a music therapist in Los Angeles California. She soon found herself specializing in treating autistic and special-needs children from diverse economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

Here is track 4, the beautiful “Alegria”:

Denise composes original piano-centered instrumental music that combines a contemporary style with arrangements that often include bass, cello, violin, vocalizations, percussion, acoustic and classical guitar, English horn, clarinet, and other wind instruments. Her music can be heard on radio and internet stations that play Balmorhea, Einaudi Ludivico, and Peter Cavallo.

Her musical accomplishments include four studio albums of original music, a music score for a full-length documentary, Broadway Treasures (2019), and original scores for three short films, two were shown at the LA Short Film Festival.

Denise’s music has earned two nominations for Best Piano Album by Zone Music Reporter, and one nomination for Best New Age album by Just Plain Folks. On the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 radio airplay chart, her album Something You Dream Of… charted at number two, and her album Passionata charted at number three.

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