Deuter – Sattva Temple Trance


With “Sattva Temple Trance”, Deuter enters into a new dimension of circular, wave sounds. Two long tracks come together to create one hour of continuous healing trance music that induces a natural state of awareness.

Deuter says:

“Creating the music for this album was a new experience for me. Usually, inspiration for my music stems from a place within and then expands from that space. Sattva Temple Trance was born from a personal request made by Waduda (New Earth Records). Her vision was to create an album to use for her guided group trances, and for people who work in the healing arts. I listened to her suggestions, translating her vision into sounds.

The creation of “Sattva Temple Trance” represents a new adventure for me. I am walking in a different territory—one I hope you will enjoy walking in as well.”

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