Diane Arkenstone – Aquaria II – Ascension


Diane Arkenstone’s new release is called Aquaria II – Ascension. “It is an album about the evolution of humans from the Piscean Age of water, to the Aquarian Age of air, and moving upwards to more awareness and feminine, nurturing energy,” says Diane. 

Aquaria II – Ascension‘s main topic is the importance of our oceans. The album contains 12 tracks.

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Diane Arkenstone, a multi-faceted artist and a pioneer in the New Age music genre, has garnered worldwide acclaim with her extensive repertoire of recordings within the world, meditative, ambient, Celtic, Native American traditions and Americana, many of which are available on her own label, Neo Pacifica—a label that has released genre-spanning projects for decades. A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Diane trained as an opera singer, and has enjoyed experimenting with a variety of genres throughout her career. The Billboard-charting Arkenstone is one of the top 10 healing artists in the world, with hundreds of millions of streams globally across music streaming platforms. Her prolific discography and collaborations have resulted in over 55 albums spanning a variety of genres.

Diane Arkenstone

Throughout her career, she has also collaborated creatively as part of the duo, Enaid & Einalem, and with like-minded musician David Arkenstone, as well as producer Derek Nakamoto, and GRAMMY nominated Trumpet and Flugelhorn player, Jeff Oster.

Her extensive discography and creative output has led to numerous artist collaborations and creative projects, as well as major sync and partnership placements including with the American Heart Association and most recently with “Apple’s Best of Apps Winner,” Aura Health, a mindfulness and meditation App.

For more information and music samples, visit dianearkenstone.com.

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