Diane Arkenstone – Safe in the Angel’s Wing


“Safe in the Angel’s Wing” is the name of Diane Arkenstone’s brand new single. “The piece was written after recovery from a 3rd pacemaker implant that did not go well,” says Diane. “Minutes after the pacemaker was in, I went into cardiac arrest when one of the ventricles in the heart was not getting paced. The doctors rushed me back into the OR for more surgery, and although I was unconscious, I felt I was awake and being protected in an Angel’s Wing during the procedure. The image has stayed with me and is the inspiration for this song.”

Press release by Kurt Nishimura

For three decades Diane Arkenstone has been a pioneering multi-instrumentalist in the New Age genre having released a number of hugely popular albums on her own record label, Neo Pacifica since the early 90’s. She’s best known for her soulfully meditative and heartfelt instrumental recordings that have garnered millions of streams on platforms such as Amazon Music. The new album and music releasing this year continue this focus on instrumental recordings, with this new music meant to help people heal and relax.

For every project Arkenstone sets her mind to, there’s a truly sincere inspiration and with The Healing Heart, it’s a document of her journey as a heart surgery patient having endured operation after operation. Through it all she’s kept her focus on maintaining an optimistic outlook living her life based on the wellness principles she’s practiced her entire life, and that are truly reflected in her music.

The video is directed by Haley Monson. About the video, Monson says: “Diane’s song led me to a thoughtful and meditative space, something that evoked the play of childhood and the mystery of the forest. By exploring pieces of the outdoors under the microscope, I was able to create a guided exploration into a world highlighted with ethereal charcoal accents. I collected moss, mushrooms, bark, stones, gems, acorns, etc. from a park I frequented in my childhood youth. I hope to create a tiny world of play and magic.”

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