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Diane & David Arkenstone – Snows of Avalon


Iconic instrumentalist Diane Arkenstone, a pioneering musical force in the contemporary instrumental genre is performing again with GRAMMY-nominated instrumentalist David Arkenstone, an artist that goes back 20 years with her as they both forged a path within the genre, pushing the boundaries of their craft. They’re exploring Celtic music traditions on their forthcoming album Avalon: Between Earth And Sky (the sequel to their beloved album Avalon: A Celtic Legend), and share a new single, The Snows Of Avalon, that celebrates the peace found in the natural passing of time.

Press release by Kurt Nishimura

Produced by Diane and David, the track is the follow up to “She Reigns Through Tears” and features Luanne Homzy on violin and viola, Susan Winsberg on flute, Diane on vocalizations and guitar and David on keyboards, mandolin, penny whistle and programming.

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They note: “’ The Snows of Avalon’ represents the passing of the old and the resolution of the new way that things will be. A moment of reflection and peace, as everything sinks in from past to present to a new future.”

For well over 20 years, musician Diane Arkenstone has gained worldwide acclaim with her extensive repertoire of distinctive instrumental recordings which garnered much success within the ambient, health and wellness circles. Diane has incredible success with Neo Pacifica, the independent label she launched with David Arkenstone in the late 90’s. Yet at heart, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist–who recalls penning her first song at age three, four years before she first picked up an acoustic guitar—has always been a soulful storyteller, passionate and artful at weaving emotions through a perfect blend of graceful melodies and poetic words.

Diane’s success in the realms of Celtic, global and Native American music is unparalleled, both as a recording artist and label/owner entrepreneur. Having seen the challenges her then-husband and frequent musical partner David Arkenstone was having with the big labels he had signed with, Diane—without any formal business training—launched Neo Pacifica Recordings and her publishing company Mulamu Music, with the simple goal of releasing their own music.

For more information and music samples, visit dianearkenstone.com.

It is said that David Arkenstone brings a bit of magic to every project he does. That, along with over 30 years of experience and knowledge working in the film and music industries, 5 GRAMMY nominations, 22 Billboard hits and over 65 albums in release makes David one of the most prolific and established composers of our time. This world-renowned multi-instrumentalist has captivated audiences since he broke onto the scene in 1987 with his debut album, Valley in the Clouds. David’s distinctive tracks are unique fusions of cinematic rock, classical and world music which create “soundscapes for your imagination.”

Bringing incomparable diversity to his work, David enjoys creating a full range of diverse tracks from epic orchestral to minimalist scores. Whether a sweeping fantasy or dramatic score, simplistic piano solo, World of Warcraft game track, NBC Sports theme or a TV commercial, David delivers. And he is equally at home in studio or on tour when orchestras play his music. David enjoys touring and meeting his fans from around the world. “One of the most exciting things about performing live is the interaction I receive from the audience,” says David.

An adventure-seeker, David loves to travel and enjoys photographing the world. “My recent trips to Iceland, Asia and parts of Europe will surely inspire new music. I love to take listeners on journeys with me and I’m honored and surprised by how powerfully people respond to my music.”

David looks forward to taking your imagination on an adventure!

For more information and music samples, visit davidarkenstone.com.