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Diane Wheeler Dunn – Mystery in the Mist


Mystery in the Mist is the name of Diane Wheeler Dunn’s new single. Important to Diane is how her music connects with others. “This is the most rewarding aspect of creating music on the Native American flute,” she says. “You don’t know when you’re birthing a song where it’s going to go and who it may heal, uplift, or transform. Every piece is an opportunity to express some sort of emotion that helps me, and hopefully, those who listen, process love, grief, and gratitude.”

Press release by Higher Level Media

The beautiful and seamless combination of Diane’s love for the music and the spirituality that’s at the heart of her playing and composing is the theme that drives her recent single Mystery in the Mist, in which she backs her trademark flute energies with a hypnotic, haunting atmosphere and intoxicating percussion elements.

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”It’s about that powerful yet invisible component that’s there in the mist around us and that we sometimes forget to pay attention to,” she says. “I call it the mysterious ‘thing between things’ because language is sometimes an inadequate tool to express what we are able to through artistic expression.”

For more information and music samples, visit dianewheelerdunn.com.