Dustin O’Halloran – 1 0 0 1


1 0 0 1 is a musical exploration of the nature of the human mind and contemplates the implications of artificial intelligence, raising questions about the essence of humanity in a world increasingly intertwined with advanced technology. Designed for “intentional listening” – to be experienced as a whole, in the same way as we take our time to contemplate a painting or a sculpture – Dustin O’Halloran’s immersive new album provides a space in which to slow down and reflect on some of the complex philosophical questions facing our ever-more-rapidly evolving world.

Press release by Crossover Media

O’Halloran recorded 1 0 0 1 at RRO Studios in Reykjavík, where he was joined by his longtime collaborator/composer Bryan Senti on violin, a hand-picked eight-voice choir, Paul Corley (Sigur Rós) on electronic production, and the Budapest Art Orchestra orchestrated by Roman Vinuesa – all mixed by Francesco Donadello.

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A video for Spiritus Naturae Aeternus was released on DG’s YouTube channel on 31 March. Shot in Iceland and directed by Markus Englmair, it features London/Tokyo-based dance artist and choreographer Fukiko Takase. “The video serves as a poignant allegory for the cycle of life,” says Englmair. “The long, uninterrupted scenes uphold the dance’s integrity and allow Takase’s choreography to connect with the haunting melodies, the requiem-like cadence, and the profound themes of O’Halloran’s composition. The contrast between Iceland’s natural beauty and the desolate urban settings provides a transformative journey from organic to artificial environments. Within a bleak world, Takase’s dance becomes an expression of the enduring process of growth, renewal, and eventual decay.”



1 0 0 1 began life, in fact, as a collaborative piece created with Fukiko Takase. Its seeds were planted more than a decade ago while O’Halloran was working as one half of the ambient music duo A Winged Victory for the Sullen on Atomos, a dance piece for Company Wayne McGregor. O’Halloran and Takase discovered that they shared a profound interest in the science and metaphysics of human consciousness. Their wide-ranging philosophical conversations touched on Masamune Shirow’s manga Ghost In The Shell, a story about the concepts of mind-body dualism. O’Halloran’s exchange of ideas with Takase led to the creation of a dynamic dance work in three movements that explored the interaction between humans and machines. They presented the piece for the first time in 2019 but were forced to cancel a scheduled run of performances the following year due to the pandemic.

Working from his new home in Iceland, O’Halloran decided to reimagine the work as a standalone auditory experience and develop its mix of acoustic and electronic sounds to create a sense of thought-provoking emotions surrounding the rapid development of technology and its impact on what it means to be human.

For more information and music samples, visit dustinohalloran.com.