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Eddy Ruyter – New Beginnings


“New Beginnings” is a delicate yet moving composition by pianist Eddy Ruyter. It nods to current times, whereas a society we are learning to reinvent ourselves in a world that has taken a sharp turn in a different direction. This piece focuses on a brief moment of calm while looking at our world in a new light, and seeing it as an uncharted platform to create something completely different of ourselves.

Press release by Higher Level Media

Eddy Ruyter is a keyboardist, guitarist, and composer based out of Toronto, Canada. His musicality and dedication to his craft have taken him around the world to perform at legendary events including The Grammy’s, Saturday Night Live, Rock in Rio, Queen Elizabeth II’s 92nd Birthday, and many more.

Having worked alongside several A-list artists (most notably as the touring keyboardist for Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes), Ruyter has taken what he’s learned from the community of talented musicians around him and channeled it into his freshman release: As Seasons Change Over, an album comprised of emotional and moving piano compositions. Whether in a studio or in front of 100,000 fans, Ruyter brings a dynamic and engaging performance that is sure to be noticed and appreciated.

“New Beginnings” is the first single from “As Seasons Change Over”: