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Eleon – Cerulean


“Cerulean” is the title of Eleon’s new album, released on Heart Dance Records. It offers a lush electronic landscape, blending the genres of chill, chillout, groove, and lounge for an immensely enjoyable listening experience.

Here is the first single:

In his review, Paul Asbury Seaman writes: “Eleon’s previous work never caught on with me, with its commercially-driven reliance on drum machines and synth pads. This time around, Eleon is clearly master of his tools, and genuine emotion—especially joy—comes bubbling out of the circuitry in a series of gorgeous, sun-sparkled, ethereal balloons. Nice mix of dance tracks and reflective chill (“Once There Was…” and “Migration” are stand-outs). The Balearic island influence is clear here, as clear as a Mediterranean sky of cerulean blue…”

The album is available on Bandcamp: