EverSound – Healing & Uplifting Music Volume 2


EverSound is happy to announce the upcoming release of the second volume of the Healing & Uplifting Music series of videos showcasing some outstanding pieces from our repertoire with a background of soothing nature videos.

Below is a segment consisting of four music videos, and these are the tracks:

  • When The Moon Is Always New – John Adorney featuring Daya,Adorney from The Wind Pearl CD
  • The Angel’s Voice – Diane Arkenstone, from The Best of Diane Arkenstone CD
  • This Moment Called Now – Manuel Imán, from the CD entitled Flowers inf The Desert.
  • The Miracle of You – Words by Prem Rawat & music by John Adorney, from the CD entitled Music To My Heart Vol. 2.

Stay tuned for the next two segments that will be coming out later this month.

For your reference, here is volume 1 in the series:

For more information and music samples, see eversound.com.