Expanding The New Age Music Landscape



Rebbie Straubing, founder of The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA®), releases a new EP of chants that promote heightened spiritual awareness.

Rebbie Straubing, energy music pioneer and American singer songwriter, just expanded the New Age Music landscape with the release of music that does a specific job. Her debut EP “Access: YOFA® Chants for Spiritual Alignment,” offers four tracks for specific effects in consciousness.

“Yes, of course you can just listen to these as music,” Rebbie explains, “But each track has a specific job for nourishing your energy field. These four chants support your spiritual awakening, and the healing and mending of your energy body. And each track gets at it from a different angle.  Whether you use it formally for sitting meditation, or as background music in your earbuds while you’re just cleaning the house, these songs work for you.  They kind of meditate you.”

The release of this music also marks an expansion in the scope of Rebbie’s work as an author, metaphysical teacher, and energy worker.  She brings decades of healing experience to the birthing of this new music: a harmony-filled blend of her 60s-70s folk roots with cutting edge electronic reach. It’s soft.  It’s slow.  It melts tension and opens your intuition. This music is offered with the intention of accomplishing a significant shift toward spiritual alignment.

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