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Francesca Heart – Ianassa Alga Miraggio


“Ianassa Alga Miraggio” is a brand new ambient and New Age music release from Milan’s Francesca Heart. It is mixed and mastered by Polonius. It is now available on cassette and as a digital download. 

Francesca Heart is an artist and healer from Milan, Italy.

“Ianassa Alga Miraggio” is an album with a story: “Ianassa takes a trip into the underworld. In dreams, our hero is invited by a talking man-o-war, its gentle tentacle meets her hand in a sweet embrace and a soothing electro-shock. The sweet jellyfish then asks Ianassa to follow her…. through her Atlantian memories and mirages. Witness, a theatre of bedazzled corals and wacky sea creatures. Are dreams real?”

Check out this truly one-of-a-kind release on Bandcamp:

For more information and music samples, visit francescamariano.com

“Ianassa Alga Miraggio” is released by Ingrown Records.