Frore – Biome


Biome is Frore’s first solo project for Spotted Peccary Music. Biome is inspired by the interconnectedness of a forest, how one small swath of nature can contain infinite microbes, many components that comprise the whole. Sonically, Biome is as multi-faceted as its inspiration. With world instruments, drones, pads, sequencer lines and even touches of industrial and IDM, Frore paints a lush landscape for the listener to get lost in.

Press release by The B Company

“This work was inspired by the interconnectedness of living organisms. How a forest of ferns comes to be or how fungus facilitates life between trees and animals. The shaping of the physical world overtime,” says Frore.

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Psychedelic and enchanting, Biome invites the listener into a world of wonders. Opener Algae Bloom hypnotizes as flute winnows through a landscape of tribal drums and ethereal pads. On Protozoa, a sequencer bassline rises from an expansive texture; flute chords and industrial flourishes ebb and flow around it to conjure the complexities of the microbial world. Frore used a variety of instruments to bring Biome to life: Radikal Technologies Accelerator, Nord A1R, bansuri and death whistle; and on closer Mycelium Dreams, he mimicked the sound of a gamelan by playing a set of singing bowls upside down.

Music is Frore’s way of connecting with the world, and Biome is an ode to that sense of connection—the connection between the macro and micro life of a forest ecosystem, as well as humans’ own connection to nature.

Frore, aka Paul Casper

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