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Gary Farr – An Angel On Earth


Gary Farr’s new album is called “An Angel On Earth”. Most of the tracks on the album were inspired and composed in memory of Gary’s sister Mira who passed away earlier this year (2019), having battled cancer for 6 months.

“Mira was truly ‘An Angel on Earth’ and has moved on to a better place becoming an angel in heaven. She was loved by many and is dearly missed. She was 74 years young,” says Gary.

An Angel On Earth was originally recorded on Gary’s New Age CD, The Gentle Awakening. This particular recording is a completely new arrangement and recording featuring ambient piano and soft strings. Also from The Gentle Awakening, is a bonus track, A Time to Remember, a lullaby re-mixed with soft and gentle ambiance.

The album is available on CD Baby – where you can sample the below mentioned songs

For the last several years, Gary has been playing piano for the FSU School of Dance in ballet and contemporary classes. He found himself improvising on many choreographed exercises along with traditional classical music. The Little Ballerina is an inspired waltz written in 8’s which dancers are used to in ballet, except there is a twist, an added 9thbar at the end of the phrase, as a hold. Not able to see his son and 3 grandsons often enough, missing them inspired The 3 Sons of The Son, a fun tongue-in-cheek tune.

For more music samples and information, see garyfarr.com