Gerhard Daum – Songs Without Words


Following on the heels of his acclaimed previous album Rural Renewal, German guitarist Gerhard Daum’s Songs Without Words takes the listener on a journey of discovery with the electric guitar as the tour guide, so to speak.

As Gerhard writes in the liner notes: “For me personally, music is the definite language of expressing stories, creating emotions, and capturing the diversity of the world we live in. This album’s instrumental compositions embody and illuminate the things I love to do – composing, orchestrating, and performing as a solo artist. Each song demonstrates the electric guitar’s eloquence and diversity as a powerful lead instrument in modern times.”

As he did on Rural Renewal, Daum plays all the instruments, but here the sound is even more tightly focused on the many musical aspects of the electric guitar, whether it be stinging notes soaring into the sky alongside orchestral strings (“All That Matters,” “Gold Rush”), mellow, jazz licks married to chilled, subtle beats (“Timeless”), a seamless fusion of blues and classical (“Walking On Clouds”) or excursions into cinematic soundscapes (“The Early Passion”).

Daum weaves his way through twelve tracks of imaginative music, flawlessly produced and expertly engineered, showcasing his mastery of the instrument he holds dear.

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Press release by LAZZ Promotions, Ed & Stacey Bonk