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Grayhawk – Voice of the Ancestors


New Age composer Grayhawk’s visionary and ambitious album, Voice of the Ancestors, serves as a triumphant conclusion to his Shamanic Trilogy which began with Shaman Journey and continued with Blissful Magic – Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries.

Press release by Beth Ann Hilton – The B Company

New Age composer, keyboardist and conductor, Grayhawk, announced the release of a new album, celebrated by several performances of his group, The Grayhawk Consort, this February. Voice of the Ancestors is Grayhawk’s third album in the epic Shamanic Trilogy, which began with Shaman Journey and continued with Blissful Magic – Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries, all released on his independent label, Deep Space Music. “Peace Prayer A’ Cappella” from the album is a finalist for the Peace Song Awards 2018, to be awarded in April 2019. For more information about the music: https://deepspacedisc.com/.

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Veteran music reviewer R.J. Lannan of Zone Music Reporter, noted “Legendary composer, conductor and instrumentalist, Grayhawk, allows the listener to witness a rare form of Universal Magic on his latest release, Voice of the Ancestors. This fusion of flutes­­­­­­­­, concert harp, Asian and middle-eastern instruments with a choir of multilingual voices conjures up miracles of the peoples of the past that are destined to affect the dreams of our future.”

For Grayhawk, the Shamanic Trilogy is more than just music, it is his life’s work, a healing, a passage through youth, the inevitable dark nights of the soul, and reconciliation. The third album in the trilogy, Voice of the Ancestors, is unprecedented in scope, seducing listeners with eight emotionally-rich New Age-World tracks beginning with three intimate trios: “Transcendent Soul,” “The Banteay Srei Temple” and “Guardians of Goddess Thien Hau,” featuring Wouter Kellerman’s flute, Amy Shulman’s concert harp, and the exotic Asian dan bau performed by its greatest master, Hai Phuong.

Complementing Grayhawk’s state-of-the-art keyboard and synthesizer sonorities on the title track, Voice of the Ancestors, are the vocal enchantments and native flutes of Windwalker Dorn, the undulating, sensual worldbeat percussion of Brad Dutz, the ambient guitar of David Vito Gregoli, Karen Olson’s masterful viola, Jill Haley’s exquisite English horn and oboe, the gift of Kirsten Vogelsang’s violin-cello and the incomparable vocal interpretations of Randy Crenshaw.

Especially notable is the thunderous power of “Peace Prayer,” which unleashes 160 tracks of invocation in English, Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic for all who will listen! The unparalleled, multilingual blend of voices performed with passionate professional precision by musical sages Darlene Koldenhoven, Randy Crenshaw, Ofir Engel (aka Queen Ofir) and Bahman Mojallal is so harmonious that we feel hope in our hearts that peace will break out worldwide. “Peace Prayer” is offered in its full-length version (10:08) and in a shorter version (5:08) that may be more suitable for some broadcasting platforms; “Peace Prayer A’ Cappella” (01:50) is a finalist in the Peace Song Awards 2018.

At the close of the album, listeners are enveloped in the luxury of “Ambient Meditation,” a free-form improvisational sonic temple based on the themes and textures developed throughout Voice of the Ancestors.

Two Performances in February 2019
Grayhawk announced that The Grayhawk Consort will perform as part of The Indie Collaborative Showcase on Friday, February 8th, which runs from 7 PM – 10:30 PM at the El Portal Theatre 5269 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, California 91601. Box Office: 818-508-4200. Event information: https://www.facebook.com/events/588181678299964/

On Saturday, Feb 9th 2019, The Grayhawk Consort will present an innovative Dance Interpretation of “Peace Prayer” during The Soiree at The Roxy (GRAMMY Weekend 2019) on Sunset Boulevard’s famed Sunset Strip. Tickets: https://www.thesoiree.LA/

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About Grayhawk

Grayhawk is a classically-trained New Age composer, keyboardist and conductor, as well as a mystic, scholar of religious studies, musician, visionary, and sonic alchemist. He is a practicing Wiccan, devoted to Earth-centered Spirituality that began with a Visionquest with Native American elders during the time of the Harmonic Convergence. Grayhawk has travelled extensively throughout the world gathering inspiration, and is a certified shiatzu practitioner/healer and psychic reader (Tarot). He is founder of the Christopher Gibney Foundation, named for his toddler son, Christopher Rainbow Dragon, who perished in 2007 from neuroblastoma. Grayhawk resides in Temecula, California; he teaches music in Escondido Public Schools to young children, many of them with special needs. He is the devoted father of Bridget, and is happily married to noted Vietnamese/American author, Nguyệt Mị (Dream Moon). Find more information and music at https://deepspacedisc.com/.