Greg Maroney – Secrets of the Sea


The live recordings on “Secrets of the Sea” by composer Greg Maroney, revolve around the sea, from its deepest depths to the shores, rivers, and tributaries that nourish it. Within the music you will hear the mysteries of emotion, the dream echoes of romance, and the reverence of the soul. Greg’s wish is that the listener will find solace, comfort, and love inside of each song.

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“Secrets of the Sea” is recorded by Greg Maroney at Harmony Grove Studio on a 9-foot Steinway Concert Grand piano. It is his 25th release.

Get to know the artist
Composer and pianist Greg Maroney started playing piano at the age of 5. Some of his earliest and fond memories of music are sitting at the piano listening to his grandmother, who was a concert pianist, play beautiful music. She was always a great inspiration to Greg, he inherited her grand piano after her passing. He took lessons for many years, with his studies continuing throughout college and into his adult life. Running side by side with his music, he was also involved in medicine, where he worked in the emergency medical field, employed in the states of California and Pennsylvania until he was able to do music full time.

Maroney’s early musical influences were many well-known pianists on the Windham Hill and Real Music labels, such as George Winston, Liz Story, Jim Chappell, Kostia, and Wayne Gratz. He now plays concerts with many of these pianists.

Greg and his wife Linda reside in pastoral south central Pennsylvania, where they live a quiet life on a 7-acre farm, growing a lot of their own food, raising chickens, dogs and cats. Maroney is a full-time musician, and has released a total of 25 solo piano albums over the last twenty years. 2018 was a very prolific year for him, he released 4 solo piano CD’s, one piano and flute CD with flutist Sherry Finzer, and several singles. In 2019 Greg released his latest CD “Secrets of the Sea”. This was recorded and mastered a bit differently than his usual CD’s. Greg wanted to have the piano sound like it was on a stage in a large concert hall, and wrote each song to be as inspiring and emotionally rich as possible. He strove for an overall mood, using atmosphere and fluidity rather than a strong melodic line. It is reminiscent of Debussy, with gorgeous tapestries of tone colors. Each song was an improvisation, living exactly in the moment of its creation. That is a wonderful but challenging way to play and record!

His recent efforts have resulted in the award of Album of the Year 2015 from Enlightened Piano Radio for the CD Coming Home. In 2016 Quiet Piano Improvisations, Volume 1 was nominated for Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio as well as being chosen as one of Kathy Parsons “Mainly Piano” Favorite Albums of 2016. The Light Within, Greg’s first venture into the more ambient side of New Age was also released in 2016. 2017 brought about more accolades from Kathy Parsons at as Star Light, Star Bright landed on her favorites pick list. The “Four Seasons Project”, consisting of 4 different CD’s, each depicting a particular season, was released in 2018. 2019 promises to be a good year for Greg as well, the CD “Secrets of the Sea” has received high praise as well as garnering a growing number of plays both on Spotify and Pandora radio.

In the early years of Greg’s musical journey, he branched out by learned to play stringed instruments such as the Guitar, Sitar, Zas and Tambura, performing Middle Eastern music with a troupe of belly dancers. Now, he performs only piano, touring frequently throughout the US, often with members on the Whisperings Solo Piano roster. His music appears on Whisperings Solo Piano Volume 1, Relaxing Solo Piano Artists for Alzheimer’s disease, a Whisperings Christmas compilation CD and a CD with flutist Sherry Finzer. Greg and his wife started a house concert series at their rural home in the year 2000 and continue to host concerts for many touring musicians. He runs his own recording studio built around their beautiful Steinway D concert grand piano.

As with many artists in the genre, Maroney’s goal with his music is to “speak to the heart and soul of his listeners” who are seeking relaxation and the calming of the spirit. Greg finds that reaching and touching people in this way is extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

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