Hollan Holmes – Milestones


Acclaimed electronic musician Hollan Holmes made his Spotted Peccary Music label debut today with “Milestones”, his seventh album of dynamic sequencer-driven synthesizer explorations. Celebrating significant moments along the arc of time, “Milestones” is an energetic and passionate album that delivers a fresh and flawless take on the timeless art of synth-based soundscapes.

“Milestones” is available worldwide, in multiple formats including high-fidelity at the Spotted Peccary homepage. The artist-owned ambient electronic label – has enjoyed successes with the acclaimed releases of (triple #1 charting) RUNE by David Helpling, and, “A Day Like Any Other” by Darshan Ambient. In celebration of Holmes’ label debut, Spotted Peccary is hosting a comprehensive Facebook Watch Party and Live Chat with Holland Holmes on Tuesday 2/25/20 at 12:00 noon PST.

On “Milestones”, Holmes transmits an engaging set of ten impassioned electronic compositions influenced in part by the Berlin school of synthesizer music and traditional space music. Interweaving strains of melody and counterpoint slip gracefully through an intricate network of kinetic rhythms, pulsing tones and spiraling musical spaces on a mind-expanding journey from one spellbinding sonic landmark to the next. Shimmering and floating, dynamic patterns of sequencer-spun urgency eventually give way to lush atmospheres and glowing textures before taking one more giant leap into the next compelling sound immersion. The album liner notes reveal the use of Propellerhead Reason 9 and 10, and Presonus Studio One IV, as well as notes on additional gear.

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Holmes comments, “My love for the natural world around me, especially that of the Desert Southwest is my greatest inspiration. The world of astronomy is also of great interest to me and it fuels my dreams and musical fantasies.”

In an early review about the album, music journalist Robin James wrote that Holmes’ “hypnotic rhythms and extensive use of the sound-design capabilities of his instruments–with repeated pitch, filter or effects changes–create genuine spacescapes. Holmes is creating or discovering music using different tone qualities that breaks free from existing ideas.”

Holmes has already gained a reputation as a serious fine artist and graphic designer, skills that allow him to be instrumental in the visual design of his albums, in this case, working in conjunction with the label’s graphic design guru, Daniel Pipitone. Holmes says that his personal careers — graphic design and creating software synthesizer (soft synth) music — complement one another, energy from one feeding energy for the other. Self-taught in both disciplines, Holmes says the act of sharing his creations with the world brings him great joy, driving him toward new works.

Milestones was mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Music NW, with additional mastering by Chad Kettering at Soniclayers Music. It is available for physical purchase in CD format and in 24-BIT AUDIOPHILE, CD QUALITY LOSSLESS, MP3 and streaming formats. The CD version of Milestones is in a factory sealed 6-panel gatefold package that includes all artwork, liner notes, and a 4-page booklet. Photography and digital editing by Hollan Holmes, design by Daniel Pipitone. Explore the album in the Facebook Experience

About Hollan Holmes:
Born into a family of music lovers, Hollan Holmes grew up immersed in a wide variety of music from the ’60s and ’70s, and the family piano served to further feed his youthful thirst for the creative process of making and playing music. As a young adult, Holmes was fascinated by the wonder of synthesizers, and in the early ’80s his discovery of Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream would forever inspire and inform his musical direction. When he wasn’t playing pop music in various local cover bands, he experimented with his first synthesizer, a Moog Prodigy, creating his own compositions and exploring the limitless freedom of electronic music. Over the years that followed, Holmes’ serious effort and careful introspection has resulted in seven albums of pure and inspired soundscapes. Always driven to create the music that resonates emotionally with the listener, Hollan Holmes has successfully added his unique voice to the traditional sound of the craft. http://hollanholmesmusic.com/

About Spotted Peccary Music:
Portland-based Spotted Peccary Music is North America’s finest independent record label with a focus on deep, vast and introspective soundscapes. For over three decades, the artists of Spotted Peccary have been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra-high-quality, deep-listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. Every release is carefully prepared in a variety of high quality formats from MP3 to high-res studio masters. Explore more than 160 titles and 45 artists at www.SpottedPeccary.com and www.AmbientElectronic.com.

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