Hope Floats – Michelle Qureshi & Paul Landry


Hope Floats is the title of the new single digital release by Michelle Qureshi and Paul Landry. It’s an instrumental work that features Michelle on acoustic guitar set against Paul’s spacious, flowing and delicate soundscape. This is their first collaboration, and you can expect many more from this pair of versatile artists.

“It always amazes me when two masters of their craft get together and attempt to create something greater than the sum of its parts, and this is another example of where that effort succeeds. Michelle & Paul are two of the best-known artists in the new age and ambient world, but this work goes further than the two genres, more like “new age folk”! As with a lot of Michelle’s work of late,  she shows here that she has a rather sophisticated “folky” side to her artistry that really has the opportunity to shine here as Paul takes the oar on the “new age” side of the boat. This is a great piece that will cross musical borders and find itself on many playlists! Well done!”

Randall L. Meek

A musician from Liverpool, England, Paul creates music in the new age, ambient and progressive rock genres. Paul runs the New Age Music Planet Website which has given birth to a number of collaborations between Paul and its members. He is also the founder of the very successful “The New Age Music Garden” YouTube and Soundcloud Channels, currently the leading channels on Google and Youtube for New Age Music. Paul has published 24 albums and five singles since 2010.

Award-winning Artist Michelle Qureshi is a composer, multi‐instrumentalist, and classically-trained guitarist who brings a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic to her music. Her albums are heard around the world on new age, ambient, and guitar-focused radio programs and playlists, and is licensed on a global platform. Hope Floats is her fifth single, along with ten published albums since 2012 on both Heart Dance Records and her own label Music as Metaphor.

For more samples and information, see michellequreshi.com and paulssounds.com

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