Innerity – TSODE


“INNERITY” is the title of TSODE’s new work. This time TSODE has worked with guitarist Rubén Alvarez – lead guitarist of the band Tubular Tribute, composer Sergio Zurutuza, guitarist Esteban Vallín and writer Antonio Pardo.

TSODE, Jesús Valenzuela’s musical project, has become since his first album (Yggdrasil – 2016) one of the greatest exponents of electronic new age in Spain. With a personal touch that makes him almost unclassifiable influenced by greats of contemporary instrumental music such as Mike Oldfield, Vangelis or Jean Michel Jarre, Tsode has achieved a style of his own that is difficult to frame in a specific genre.

INNERITY came out last April 19th. In the words of the author himself “…it is the most intimate work of my career” and in it we can find 11 tracks, 10 instrumental and 1 interpreted by Valenzuela himself in which he embraces an amalgam of genres such as classical electronics, ambient, new age, rock, synthpop or downtempo full of sensitivity and beauty that mark the style of TSODE.”

With Innerity he consolidates his position as a precursor of this genre in his country. Semifinalist in the MIN Awards(Spain) for three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019). His penultimate album, “The Quiet Music, the Sonorous Loneliness” (2018) reached number 3 in the TOP 25 albums of the American Journeyscapes Radio and named one of the 25 best new age electronic albums of the year.

The album also won the award for best ambient/instrumental album in September at The Akademia Music Awards (USA). He has recently been awarded at the Synthetic Generatión Awards (Spain) for his single “Crossing Stars”, also included in his new album.

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