Ivan Teixeira – Allayer Project One


Ivan Teixeira is a pianist, keyboardist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer. “Allayer Project One” was created by Ivan while on vacation with his family in Uraguay in the town of Montevideo.

Press release by Heart Dance Records 

Sitting in his room at night, Ivan would sit by the window with his keyboard and computer and composed songs each day based on the experiences had with his family and the emotions felt from sharing those experiences with his wife and two daughters.

The album is available on Bandcamp:

He has an extensive background in popular music, which he attributes to his studies at ULM in São Paulo, Brazil and music composition studies with maestro Arrigo Barnabé. Teixeira has worked with a variety of very diverse artists, varying in different genres, including Zizi and Luiza Possi, Alvin Slaugher, Tony Bizarro, Alexandre Pires, Maricene Costa, Glaucia Nasser, Vavá Rodrigues, Wanessa (Camargo), Brazilian Jamaican Music Orchestra, Fatale, Bruna Caram, Flavio Venturini, Boys of Morumbi, Graça Cunha, Paula Lima.


Currently, he is the musical and keyboard director of Wanessa (Camargo), musical director and pianist for vocalist Bruna Caram, and works as the keyboardist/pianist for Brazilian pop singer Luiza Possi, developing new products for the music market, researching new media and multimedia, and composing for theater, dance and animation films.