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Ivan Teixeira – Handscapes


It is human nature to feel. Ivan Teixeira’s newly released EP, ‘Handscapes’, is a culmination of emotive piano compositions, creating a deeply sentimental listening experience. Who we are is shaped by the sum of our experiences – ‘Handscapes’ gives us a moment for introspection and reflection.

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As humans, we sometimes overlook our need to give ourselves kindness and compassion for what we have each gone through may carry weight on our subconscious. Each atmospheric moment on ‘Handscapes’ will lead listeners one step closer to healing and embracing the dynamic feelings of life.

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Ivan Teixeira is a Brazilian keyboard player/producer – living in the city of Sao Paulo. Working for a long time as a performer, sideman, composer, singer, songwriter, Ivan has performed on all of the largest stages in Brazil. His career has allowed him to work with many famous artists in a large variety of genres and provided the opportunity to perform in Japan, Germany, Portugal, Angola, and Cabo Verde.

Ivan Teixeira

Teixeira has composed music for many projects including film, dance, advertising, multimedia arts. As a singer and songwriter has a great collection of materials and has recorded for some well-known artists in Brazil. He now enjoys working on his own music – ideas that are born from his heart and able to put his own vision into.

For more information and music samples, visit heartdancerecords.com/ivanteixeira.

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