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Jai-Jagdeesh – Road to Somewhere


Jai-Jagdeesh’s new single is called Road to Somewhere, released on Spirit Voyage Records. Blending a myriad of musical traditions with her trademark heart-wrenching, siren sweetness and bold storytelling, Road to Somewhere confronts trauma with the soothing power of melodious truth.

As part of her forthcoming album, From Dust, Jai-Jagdeesh explores the dark territories of betrayal, disillusionment, and loss as she reclaims peace through the poetic journey of the singer/songwriter.

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“This music exists because something horrible happened,” said Jai-Jagdeesh. “Words fall short when I try to describe it – but the result was that my heart broke, my body shut down, and my soul seemed to disappear. From that process comes this album, rich with lyrics and melodies that express the discomfort and challenge of the liminal space, the chapter between what was and what will be.”

Road to Somewhere
Jai-Jagdeesh’s latest musical autobiography, From Dust, is a poetry of broken loss that teaches how to become whole again. Jai-Jagdeesh spent the past few years confronting uncomfortable truths and questioning long-cemented beliefs – oftentimes in the wake of devastating revelations. Asking “why” and “how” came first, followed closely by introspection, and as layers of trauma revealed themselves and her foundation crumbled, a painful process began. This dark chapter, with its quest for understanding, learning, repair, and renewal, is revealed over the course of 14 tracks. Listeners are invited to bear witness to the grief and growth that comes from facing betrayal and disillusionment as Jai-Jagdeesh reclaims her whole Self – encouraging listeners to do the same.

Jai-Jagdeesh has toured globally, taking audiences on a musical ride that transcends the all-too-brief concert-going experience. Having amassed millions of listeners with songs that defy classification, Jai-Jagdeesh’s relationship with music continues to span continents and cultures through the wide ocean of the human heart. During her career, she has collaborated with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ian Urbina, charted multiple times in the top five of iTunes’s World Music Charts, and charted in the top ten of Billboard’s New Age Music charts.

For more information and music samples, jaijagdeesh.com.

By Emma Groff, Spirit Voyage Records