James Asher & Arthur Hull – Eye On Astrology


An Eye on Astrology is a collaboration between James Asher and Arthur Hull. This album is a captivating musical journey that intricately weaves the essence of each zodiac sign into a symphonic masterpiece. This unique composition, inspired by the celestial dance of the stars, paints vivid musical portraits that mirror the distinct personality traits, moods, and energies associated with each astrological sign.

Listeners will find themselves transported through the cosmic realms as the music seamlessly transitions from the adventurous and communicative spirit of Gemini to the nurturing and intuitive vibes of Cancer. The compositions for Leo exude grandiosity, mirroring the regal and theatrical nature of the lion, while Virgo’s precision and attention to detail are reflected in the meticulous orchestration.

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Libra’s harmonious and balanced melodies give way to the intense and transformative sounds of Scorpio, capturing the depth and mystery of this enigmatic sign. The expansive and optimistic compositions for Sagittarius reflect the adventurous spirit of the archer, while the structured and disciplined tones of Capricorn mirror the determined climb to the mountain’s summit.

Aquarius’ forward-thinking and unconventional nature are mirrored in the avant-garde and experimental aspects of the music, while the dreamy and empathetic melodies of Pisces evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and emotional depth.

An Eye on Astrology is not merely a musical collection but a cosmic exploration, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the celestial symphony that mirrors the rich tapestry of human experience through the lens of the zodiac signs. Each track is a musical testament to the diversity of personalities and energies that shape the cosmic dance of life.

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