James Asher – Creative Journal


Creative Journal clearly illustrates the span of musical output from James Asher.

Starting with the familiar home ground of tribal and drummy material in Boots on Fire we progress through other rhythmically centred tracks like Transmutation until we start to enter the more chilled zones of Egyptian Halo with its mysterious ambience and then enjoy increasingly peaceful tracks like Luminous Lake with the delightful flute-playing of Ayako Tanaka and onto Fly High and Into the Wheel. Finally we get a chance to fully zone out with Lake of Mirrors.

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Asher has throughout his career alternated between producing music with these two contrasting flavours – Shaman Drums, Tigers of the Raj at one end and Lotus Path, Rivers of Life and Inner Spaces at the other.

From the persepctive of wellbeing both of these zones serve a useful function in aiding both the process of being energised and chilling out. Asher also learnt much about the process of both of these when creating music for Aura-Soma over a 30 year period. Aura-Soma is a colour system that enhances the process of self-discovery and integrates crystal, gems and colour in a way that supports and encourages personal growth.

Asher met its founder Vicky Wall in 1984, and enjoyed a very productive relationship both with her and its subsequent director Mike Booth. Indeed Asher`s last recent release was created jointly with Sandeep Raval and Mike Booth – Polychromatic Meditations.

Asher`s music production standards are always high and the range and variety included in Creative Journal are a testament to a very original and imaginative mindset and capability that are all his own.

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